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Truck Crane
Brand Name:
Soosan Hydraulic Truck Crance


Soosan Crane features a remarkable lifting power and rugged durability.
Optimum design by FEM mazixizes work efficiency.


**Product Range 


 Light duty cranes : 2.2 ton ~ 5 ton class Applicable truck chassis : payload 2.5 ton~11 ton


 Medium duty cranes : 6 ton ~ 7.3 ton class Applicable truck chassis :  payload 5.0 ton and above


 Heavy duty cranes : 10 ton ~ 17 ton class Applicable truck chassis : payload 11.0 ton and above



**Applications and features ;

•  Providing time-saving, cost-effective and reliable load handling solutions for construction    and civil engineering, factory, oil and gas field, logistics, military logistics, mining, port    and shipyard, general transport, municipalities, public utilities, etc.

•  Combination of straight boom and winch with wire rope enables easy and efficient    operation for material handling even in confined and restricted workspace such as deep-    underground, high-rise buildings, etc.

•  Low noise, silent winch with automatic brake system.   

•  Safety devices : Pressure relief valve, over-center valve, over-winding alarm device, pilot    check valves for outriggers, swing locking device, etc. •  Optional features : Auxiliary boom, auxiliary winch, overloading prevention device,    remote control, oil cooler, etc.